Thursday, November 16, 2017


I promised to show you the bare essentials I carry everywhere with me. These are the things I cannot seem to live without, and use on a daily basis. The first pic shows what fits in my well worn tiny polka dot purse.... small supplies for a small purse. 

💭permanent black Sharpie
💭White Uniball signo pen 
💭non permanent black marker (to paint over with water and let the black bleed out a bit)
💭tiny spray bottle of water (I spray the paint to help activate it before painting, and I use it to clean my brush as I go) this is a new one, mine usually looks pretty dirty 
💭leather journal from redwoodwillow (I have also gotten an even smaller version from Amazon) 
💭Altoid tin filled with: 
            💜half pans from  imlothmelui that are handcrafted and came with a magnet affixed to the back so they stay put
            💜half pans from redwoodwillow that did not come with magnets attached so they are held in with sticky tac 
            💜 a small pencil with an eraser 
            💜 a small brush (I broke it then sharpened the end till it was small enough to fit. I use the sharp end to scratch into wet watercolor for  an interesting effect)
            💜 a folded up paper napkin to wipe my brush on

This all fits because the only other things I carry are cash, cards, stamps, BurtsBees chapstick, Mr. Rogers "encouragemints", hair band, pen, comb and a pocket talisman or two.
Here's some pages I haven't shared before .... 

Then when I know I will have time to paint I carry a bigger bag that will fit the following extras:
💭strathmore visual journal
💭Jane Davenport bright watercolor set
💭a bigger brush

So, now to the giveaway part....!!!!!!

last night on instagram I just hit 1000 followers so as a thank you I am hosting a Giveaway there.... just go to my 
instagram account to sign up. If you don't have an instagram account and you really want a chance to win, then leave a comment here that you want to be entered into the giveaway too. 

Here's what I am giving away:
💭Shutterfly writing notebook (the cover is made with my rainbow rice art)
💭a writing pen
💭a 5x7 print of the same rainbow rice piece
💭an empty altoid tin to make your own travel kit 
💭 4 empty half pans to add your own tube watercolor to 
💭a new spray bottle
💭a postcard of a painting of mine 
💭a magnet of a painting of mine
💭a roll of glitter washi tape 
(A total value of $50!)

Good luck and hope to see you over on Instagram! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

My leather travel sketchbook

While I have been posting all the inky art and little house art and new quilt pieces I have done, I have also been quietly doing quick pages in a small travel sketchbook that goes with me on my lunch hours. These are almost always nature inspired, so today I am posting a bunch of these, along with some photos taken at the same time. It has been colder here but I still found the mushroom this week. The negative paintings were done with a quick pencil sketch then I just painted around the pencil, I would have been easier to use a masking fluid but since I am usually out and about I didn't have that with me. I will try to do a post showing my travel (lunch hour) supplies soon, to show you the bare essentials I carry everywhere. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Jumbled series

So if you take the cabins in the woods series that evolved into little houses on the hills, And combine that with Inktober you will get this....

And that one piece led to this piece....

Tiny home 

One way to get there 

Paper boat 

And then it was the end of October and I was ready to go back to pencil, and these came about.....

I had fun matching the scene to the traditional quilt block name.....Flying geese

Shooting star

Log cabin

I think these are something I can stick with for awhile.... 

And for fun....
"Reading" this.....

 Listening to this....

And eating this....

Leftover Halloween candy

Hope everyone has a good week...... 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Still doing Inktober

Yellow polkadots with a few other things thrown in as well for the week......

Something different again....
Something different because lately when I have insomnia I imagine a yellow polka dot... a series of painted yellow dots, plain, and with lines, or with white, etc etc 
It used to be white on white images but now it has gone to these dots. One night of no sleep and now I have plans for about 30 yellow polkadot paintings.... haha!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 20 Inktober

I meant to post daily but this week got away from me.... so to catch up here is the inkiness for the last week. 

Plus the last few were quite so I did more than one a day... I think I said this before but the part when the ink touches the wet watercolor is so fun. I could easily run out of watercolor paper doing these. 

I may make them into  a small calendar. Not sure yet, but I need to start DOING something with all my art. I keep saying I will then I procrastinate.  
The plan so far is.... 
🐦clean up art in  photoshop so I can use it for the following...
🐦recreate a new website (I had one but let it expire)
🐦find a better print on demand site (Shopify, society 6 etc etc etc) and list many many pieces as mugs, tote bags, clothes, fabric etc etc etc 
🐦 finally start offering prints in my Etsy shop instead of just a few originals here and there in a half hazard fashion
🐦decide on at least 5 publishers of either kids art, children's book, greeting cards, home decor or fabric and actually SUBMIT art to them.
Hopefully putting it in writing will force me to follow through on this list. 
And thank you so much for all the positive comments and support as I struggle through this artistic maze. I do appreciate it so much!